Freight Shipping and the Advantages it Offers to Wholesale Customers

Freight shipping from Florida offers substantial discounts for Custom Cornhole Boards, Inc. customers who place wholesale orders. Costs for shipping are calculated on an individual basis, based on the address cornhole boards and supplies are being shipped to. This cost effective option is available to all our wholesale customers. Check out the blog to learn more. 

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Tailgating Fun: Incorporating Cornhole Into Your Favorite Past Time

Football season is upon us, and that means it's time for some tailgating fun. Whether you are searching for a fun new game to add to your tailgating lineup or are already a cornhole fan and looking to expand your selection of boards, bags and accessories, has got you covered. Head over to our blog to learn more about how tailgaiting and cornhole go hand-and-hand and some ideas for incorporating this fun game into your next gathering. 

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A Customer Centered Approach to Improving Our Website

Custom Cornhole Boards, Inc. is constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience on our website. To accomplish this goal, we review the site regularly, ask for feedback and most importantly, listen to our valued customers. Our latest improvements include streamlining the checkout process and providing accurate, up-to-date shipping information at your fingertips. Check out the blog to learn more. 

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Cornhole Boards, Inc. Honors Veterans and Shows our Pride in America

Custom Cornhole Boards Incorporated continues to listen to our valued customers. Today, those customers include veterans from several different U.S. armed forces who have expressed discontent with the way the cornhole industry displays the American flag. With this change comes a new policy and a new look for some of our most popular cornhole boards. We are now placing the stars to the upper left to more accurately represent our country's flag and our love for this great nation. Check out the blog to learn more.

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Customizing Your Cornhole Boards - Endless Options for Everyone

Making the game of cornhole one that displays your unique style and personality or business sense is easy with customized boards. Whether you are ready to take on the design process yourself, want a little help in creating completely customized boards or are looking for something ready-made that lets the world know a little more about your fun, funky or daring personality, there is an option for you. Check on the blog to find out more about the endless options in cornhole board customization. 

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