Why we choose White Spruce over Pine wood for our cornhole boards

Why we choose White Spruce over Pine wood for our cornhole boards

Both white spruce and pine wood are commonly used for a variety of woodworking projects, including cornhole boards, due to their availability, workability, and cost. However, there might be a few reasons why some people might prefer white spruce over pine for making cornhole boards:

1. **Grain Tightness**: White spruce typically has a tighter grain compared to many species of pine. This can make the surface smoother and more consistent, which can provide a better playing surface for a game like cornhole that relies on a consistent slide of the bags across the board.

2. **Stability**: White spruce is generally more stable and less likely to warp or twist than pine, especially when exposed to the elements or changes in humidity. This can be important for maintaining the integrity of the cornhole board over time.

3. **Hardness**: White spruce is slightly harder than some types of pine. The increased hardness might provide better durability, making the board less likely to dent or scratch.

4. **Aesthetics**: Some people might prefer the look of white spruce. Its color, grain pattern, and overall aesthetic might be seen as more desirable than pine for some cornhole board makers.

5. **Weight**: White spruce can also be somewhat lighter than certain types of pine, making the finished cornhole boards easier to carry and transport.