About - Manufacturing

The Boards:

From the day we put together our very first cornhole board, we have prided ourselves on using natural, strong products. Our company believes in holding true to American ideals and therefore, every board we sell is manufactured 100%, right here in the United States. We use a highly refined process, which allows us to manufacture the same amount of products as other companies in half of the space. We utilize premium materials and see the product through the entire manufacturing process, from start to finish.

We are the first in the industry to offer cornhole boards in both, 1x4 (25% lighter) and 2x4 frame options using elite grade woods. We only use top quality ACA certified materials; we use spruce for our frames and 1/2" birch plywood for the face/top. All of our cornhole boards are built to the ACA regulation size of 24" wide by 48" long. Each board goes through an extensive finishing process which includes filling all screw/staple holes with wood fill and then sanding them to a perfectly smooth finish.

Whether you decide to purchase one of our already designed cornhole boards, or whether you opt to customize your own, rest assured that you will receive the highest quality ACA certified cornhole boards available on the market.

Every design (custom or premade) for our custom cornhole boards are printed on top quality, 3-year vinyl with genuine Mimaki CMYK Ink. We then add 2 coats of Minwax Polycrlic High Gloss Clear Coat to ensure your boards have a long life.

The Paint:

We use only the best, Sherwin Williams Premium Outdoor Semi-Gloss (Water Based) paints and primers on each cornhole board and frame. We go through a 2-4 coat painting process for each painted product and then, finish it off with the Minwax Polycrlic High Gloss Clear coat to seal the paint and ensure longevity of the materials as well as the board.

The Bags:

Each corn hole bag is made of 10 oz. duck cloth and are triple stitched to ensure they last just as long as your American-made corn hole boards. Each bag is 15-16 oz. when filled with whole kernel corn and come with an option to add all weather resin fill. Each bag has a 15 day no break guarantee.

Prints/Wraps/Decals (only):

All Print/Wrap/Decal listings include 2 prints and all designs are printed on high quality, 5 year outdoor vinyl, with genuine Epson UltraChrome GS3 Inks. Please keep in mind that you MUST apply a minimum of one water-based clear coat after applying the wrap to a board. Failure to apply this protectant will allow damages to the print. Always ensure the board surface is extremely smooth and clean before applying any wrap or decal to a board.