About Us

Funny how things start, at one point we were just a group of friends, enjoying weekly tailgating and playing family-friendly games of cornhole. Almost ten years later, we decided to start a business, built around the having a genuinely good time. It was our mission from the start, to bring our memories to life through the enjoyment of others. Collectively, our team of employees have extensive backgrounds in wood manufacturing, graphic design work, and website development. We put these skills together in order to provide the best custom cornhole boards the industry has to offer.

We wanted you, the customer, to have complete control over your order. Our website allows you the freedom to develop and design your own custom boards with the help of our design team. Maybe you have some ideas in mind but aren’t quite sure which avenue to venture? Rest easy, our creative team is there to assist you every step of the way. You can adjust and size personally selected images and texts to your preference, while create something unique to share with your family and friends! All of our products are made in-house -- from the initial design of the board, to the manufacturing, painting, and all other aspects of production. Our team of highly qualified, hands-on experts will work diligently to ensure the complete satisfaction of every individual customer.

While our mission is to bring creative freedom to the mix of family-friendly fun, we believe that supporting the community is essential in today’s business world. The term “Made in America,” is something we stand by and are proud of; and it’s exactly what you’ll get when you design your cornhole board with us!

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