DCMA Request

As a respected and professional producer of cornhole boards, our agency respects the intellectual property of other individuals and corporations. As a result, we hold high regards for the DMCA laws. While we make all efforts to avoid knowingly using any copyrighted material without the express authorization of the owner, our staff includes multiple designers and customers are able to upload their own images as part of our custom design process. Therefore, on rare occasions, mistakes may happen.

If you have reason to believe that your personally owned and copyrighted work has been used, knowingly or unknowingly by Custom Cornhole Boards, Incorporated, without your consent, please notify us immediately. The following information must be submitted as a part of your claim.

  • Your identifying information
  • Identifying Information on the copyrighted material that your claim is based on (specifically, a printed out image of the material in violation)
  • Your contact information (address, email address, phone number)
  • A statement of good faith stating you have not authorized the use of this material

Please submit any claims in writing to our legal department at the following address:

Custom Cornhole Boards Incorporated
c/o Legal Department
6169 Cyril Ave
Orlando, FL 32809

Our company will expeditiously review and respond to your claim and make all efforts to resolve it in a manner that is mutually acceptable to both parties.