What works best for my corn hole boards? 1x4 or 2x4 Frames.

What works best for my corn hole boards? 1x4 or 2x4 Frames.


ACA Boards and Dimensions: What Works Best for You


The American Cornhole Association (ACA) was established in order to promote and protect the rules and guidelines of cornhole and corn toss. It was fully established by a group of committed cornhole players from the Westside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Over the last few years it has escalated and grown into what is now the largest cornhole association in the United States.


One of the key components to any game of cornhole is the equipment. Having the proper equipment, mainly the boards, is the most important part of any cornhole game. Anyone looking to play regulation cornhole must be advised of proper size and dimensions. There are 1x4 and 2x4 boards that are both deemed suitable for regulation play.


The 1x4 certified cornhole boards are the same dimension as the 2x4 only they do not host rounded corners as the 2x4 boards do. Due to this small differential, there is less of a gap between the frame of the board and the plywood face of the board. Custom Cornhole Boards Incorporated not only manufactures both of models of certified ACA standard boards, but they offer a variety of designs for customers to choose from. Customers also have the ability to upload pictures or logos in order to design their own boards. This is especially great for those who host company parties or tailgate before and after games for their favorite sporting events.


Both the 1x4 and the 2x4 boards are elite grade wood, stronger and more valuable than any cabinet grade wood available. Each of the custom cornhole boards manufactured by Custom Cornhole Boards Incorporated are made in America and are produced using a highly refined service as the team of professionals have been working directly with the product, hands-on, for years. The first in the industry to offer both 1x4 and 2x4 cornhole board frame options, with the use of elite grade wood and top-quality paints and designs.


While many avid cornhole players are attracted to the 2x4 boards, it is mainly due to the fact that they feel it is more stable. The higher level of stability usually allows for less bounce and competitive players do not care for the bouncier boards. Most people opt for the 1x4 as it is 20% lighter and is more convenient to carry. However, with Custom Cornhole Boards Incorporated, you are getting the highest quality wood with your cornhole boards, therefore, either choice is viable and will ensure the best output for any regulation or friendly game of cornhole.


Stop by www.CornholeBoards.us today and check out some of the custom designs. If there’s a design you already have in mind for your smooth finished surface frame, simply upload a photo and begin designing or contact one of the members of the design team for assistance!


1x4 verse 2x4 Image Comparisons

1x4 Cornhole Board
1x4 verse 2x4 Cornhole Boards
2x4 Cornhole Board