All Weather Corn Hole Boards

All Weather Corn Hole Boards

Cornhole is a traditional game great for all ages where the rules are simple, and the competition is fierce. Now with cornhole growing in popularity with professional league games airing on television, the demand for the game’s largest requirement, cornhole boards remains high as well. There are many types of cornhole boards that you can purchase from the standard set you’ve likely seen before to custom boards and bags that include local business / sports teams.

About the Game

Cornhole is a classic American game that's appropriate for all ages. The rules are simple: players stand at each board and toss their teams bags onto the opposite board to score points. At the end you combine the points and whichever team has the most points takes the difference and adds it to their score. Games can go very quickly, or they can take a long time, it all depends on the player's skill level. The great perk of playing this game is that anyone can play and you can make up your own rules if you like, or play by the standard rules.

Customizing Your Boards

One cool thing that you can do with your cornhole board is to customize it with any design that you want and to add on additional accessories to make your set pop. You can get hand painted boards, custom print designs, custom bean bags, LED lights, rope or leather handles, and much much more. The designs possibilities are nearly endless and great for special events like birthday parties, company events, weddings, and even local business advertisements. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to designing these unique boards.

Wood Vs. PVC

Traditionally cornhole boards are made from wood and come in various sizes depending on the rules you play by. The standard wood has a beauty of its own, but it's also easy to paint or print designs on top. The downside is that the wood boards (as with all wood products) will deteriorate over time from normal wear and tear. It is essential to keep your wood board stowed away somewhere safe from the elements when you're not using it. 

On the other hand, there is also the option of purchasing a board made of more durable material, like PVC. It doesn't have the same look and feel as a wood board, but it holds up better to water, dirt, and overall wear. At Custom Cornhole Boards, U.S, we are experts in all types of board media. We’ll make the same custom designs and prints that you’re looking for on a PVC board as well as with the traditional wood. 

The choice of wood or PVC really comes down to how you want to use your board, and what kind of environment you plan to expose them to. If you’re interested in a board that has more of that traditional look, or maybe you are in a place that rains a lot, so you need the durability of PVC.  Both kinds of boards fill a specific need and with Custom Cornhole Boards, U.S you’re guaranteed the best quality board regardless of the type of board you choose.